"It’s you and me babe. It's always gonna be you and me. It’s always you and me.”

Skins uk (2007-2013)

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"She just smiled. You know, that Effy smile that means ‘you don’t know me at all, you never will’"

Skins S3:E8, Effy

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I’m officially off the rails. You should try it.

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Did you hear that joke? His parents told him that when the ice-cream van sounded off, it’d run out of ice-cream. So whenever he’s hearing the ice-cream van, he like ‘Aww… too late, again’.

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OohI’m so fit and mysterious.”

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Kaya Scodelario for The Guardian.

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I’ve always been proud to be a woman. Once I came into the media world, 95% of the scripts I read have a nude scene or the female character would be in her underwear for no reason. It’s really difficult and can be disheartening.However, we have to focus on the good projects to give them the recognition that they deserve. Strong female leads need to be made more mainstream.

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